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 Garet Ryukan (Cork)

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PostSubject: Garet Ryukan (Cork)   04/05/12, 03:06 pm

Name: Garet Ryukan (nickname Cork)

Age: 23

Race: Human, Asian (but raised in america)

Skills: Sharp shooter. Cork is exceedingly masterful with firearms and has never missed a target. he also has an incredibly high IQ and can hack into almost anything as well as make new gadgets to use. his gadgets are usualy Biotech but he can make other things too. he also has some medical skills.

Flaws: while he is a master at ranged combat he is unfamiliar with close range combat. making him ineffective at close range. he can also be cowardly sometimes.

Role: Sharpshooter

Screenshot/apearance: Cork has Pale skin, black hair, and Blue eyes. he has an emo hair style and wears sand colored armor.

Theme song(s): Escalon (Bleach soundtrack) Scoundrels (Bleach soundtrack) Happy Little Boozer (Korpaklanni) Huntmaster (Alestorm)

Insignia, if applicable: Rogue with Oak

Current Location: Somewhere... youll never know till i shoot you.

Current Status: Hiding in the shadows waiting to shoot.

Biography: Not much is known about Cork but he has been Through quite a bit. he spent some time in a research facility studying Bio tech. he was especialy interested in the kind used to make Oak. he is a member of the Deadeye clan. a group of master sharpshooters, which is where he got his incredible shooting ability. he became friends with Oak by almost killing him with a poisoned bullet, his time studying bio tech gave him medical experience. which is useful because Oak's enemies are very powerful and usualy dismember a limb or two from him. which Cork then either replaces with a biotech made limb or sews it back on. provided its not destried or rotted away. Cork usualy gets upset when people question his intelect and also sometimes refers to other researchers as incompetent or retarded. Quote: "you mean those ideot researchers back at the lab? they dont know black from white!"

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Garet Ryukan (Cork)
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