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 Pvt. Cody valdez

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Not cool enough for a real rank

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PostSubject: Pvt. Cody valdez   Pvt. Cody valdez Icon_minitime09/05/12, 02:34 am

Name: Pvt. Cody Valdez
Age- 18
Race- English Human
Skills- he is a marksman who wastes ammo, he isn't good at hand to hand combat, but is smart.
Role- Plants covering fire
Theme songs- none
Current location- New Mombassa
Current Status- Alive
Biography- Valdez was born in Mombassa in 2534. He joined the UNSC in 2552. The UNSC saw he was able bodied and made him an ODST. Him and his squad have been in combat at New Mombassa for his whole military session.

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PostSubject: Re: Pvt. Cody valdez   Pvt. Cody valdez Icon_minitime11/05/12, 09:47 pm

If he cannot work a Turret then he is not smart. It doesn't take a brain surgeon or a geologist to work out how to fire a gun.

s like saying: I'm clever but I'm don't know how to spell my name.

I'm just saying. Another thing, Sword Base is long gone considering we are in the Halo 3 time era, roughly floating about there anyway. Just fix up on a few things and welcome to the site.

Type-26 Assault Gun Carriage "Shelob" - Shelob was one of the countless brood of Ungoliant; a Giant Arachnid and a Relic from a time long passed. Shelob was the greatest of Ungoliant’s spawn, and was many times larger than even the largest of Mirkwood’s Spiders. A purely neutral character, she served only herself, and her hunger and bloodlust would be satisfied by any creature she could consume. She usually immobilized her prey with her paralyzing bite that enabled her to feed on her victims at her leisure, but could also crush her prey to death by swiftly dropping on them.

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Pvt. Cody valdez
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