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 Aislan (RSS-2571)

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PostSubject: Aislan (RSS-2571)   Aislan  (RSS-2571) Icon_minitime08/07/12, 12:45 am

Name- Aislan


Skills- Mid-ranged combat, specializing with his MCR-III

Role- Aislan generally plays as support in a squad, dispatching his enemies from a comfortable distance.

Screenshot- Aislan

Theme song- Season of the Witch- Donovan

Current location- The Azure Comet

Current Status- Alive/Unharmed

Biography- Born and raised on the Obsidian Wolf, Aislan has always respected the military lifestyle, enamored with the concept of fighting in a unit. Since his childhood, Aislan studied the art of war, studying intensely every piece of literature on field tactics and weapon handling/maintenance. By the time his parents had bought him a novelty firearm, he had the "book smarts" to handle it perfectly, hitting every mark. He signed with the military at the age of 18, and now serves on the Azure Comet. Every day now is spent sparring, honing the art of close quarters combat. Sparring aside, Aislan is left eager to finally see action after his years of training.
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Aislan (RSS-2571)
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