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Not cool enough for a real rank

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PostSubject: James-#325   James-#325 Icon_minitime19/07/12, 04:21 am

Name: James, (325) MacNeil

Age: 30

Race: Human, Male, Caucasian

Skills: He is good at using most human weaponry, minus the sniper rifle since he is not the best at aiming, he has a few flaws which include: Aiming, spotting, most Covenant weaponry (Not including the gravity hammer or energy sword), his strengths are at close range combat, speed, and brute force.

Role: Main role: Close range, with items such as Shotguns , ect. Secondary role: If needed can be used as a distraction, and or scout.

Screenshot/apearance: The spartan wears a EVA Helmet (Gold Visor) with A CNM Command Module to the left side of the helmet, the shoulders consist of a CQC variant on the left side, and a UA/BASE Security shoulder armor on the right side. The chest piece a damaged UA/COUNTERASSAULT that has multiple plasma burns and scratches on it, on his wrist he has a ASSAULT/BREACHER bandoleer holding 8 gauge rounds, on his side he had a TACTICAL/SOFTCASE and finally his knees are GRENADEIR variant.

Theme song(s): Bullet with Butterfly Wings - Smashingpumpkinz

Insignia, if applicable: It is currently being changed due to the spartan's relocation to a new squad.

Current Location: UNSC Relocation Depot

Current Status: Being transferred to a new squad.

Biography: ------------------------------------------------------
Classified Document: #325: August 1- 25--
////-INTEL: SPARTAN 325-////
Name: James-325
Location: ---------/// Orders: Relocation//
Status: Relocating---/Information: Trained at a Reach training facility from age 6 to 27 Drill Sargent:-------- ------
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