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 Gracie Tejours

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Name: Gracie Tejours.

Nickname: Stitches (Because of seamstress background).

Age: 24 Years old.

Race: Human, Caucasion.

Birthplace: Earth, South Carolina.

Big camel brown eyes, Tattered curly brown hair that stops at the end of her ears and thick bangs that cover her forehead, Big maintained eyebrows, Pale skin that has freckles going across her cheeks and nose, And big pale pink lips. Gracie is a short 5'5 and doesn't have much of a figure but she tries to make herself appear as "womanly" as possible with helping undergarments. She has beaten up fingers and calloused hands from her work at the seamstress shop and wears heavy, bold makeup to make herself appear older and get the attention she strives for. Her hair is naturally short and curly dark chocolate brown but it varies because she often dyes her hair or uses extensions to change it up a bit. Gracie isn't the best looking girl in the military but she tries to work what she has and is very insecure about her appearance. She has a nice slim body but is not physically where she needs to be to participate the army and doesn't like to train as hard as all the others. She usually wears dark scarlet lipstick with long fake eyelashes and heavy light pink blush to cover her freckles. When not in her armor Gracie likes to wear hand made dresses. The dresses often stop right above her knee and known for her dresses to be weird or out of the box. She most often wears pink or black dresses depending on the occasion and won't wear jeans because she thinks it makes her look manly.

Armor: Lightweight soft-pink armor. Her armor is pink because she wants everyone to know she's a female and the word "Stitches" is written on her suit and she doesn't want to be mistaken for a male. The middle part of the body suit is rather bare and not very armored to make her appear skinner and womanly. Her breast plate is about two sizes to big for her small petite body but she doesn't mind because of how it makes her appear to the men. Her helmet is pink and has a plum visor and usually has a french braid coming out the bottom of her helmet. She carries 4 knives in the legs of her armor because she is better at hand combat than gun because she has yet to be properly trained and can't aim to save her life. She made them make her shoes into heels, for the looks of it, but they just cause more trouble than good. She can't run as fast as everyone else and often falls because of her heeled boots, Yet she refuses to get rid of them.

Height: 5'5.

129 pounds.

Personality: Gracie is a rather cold person due to her dependency growing up and doesn't know when she's being too blunt. She has a cold sense of humor and is extremely sarcastic. She is really awkward and flirty around men and doesn't know how to talk to one without getting nervous. She likes to take control and doesn't like being told what to do, no matter who it is. Although she doesn't know how to process around guys she wants the attention of them due to her extreme insecurity in her looks. She doesn't like being paired with other girls because she feels them to be competition instead of a teammate. She is extremely feminine which sets her back a great bit because she worries about the little things like her clothes, hair, and makeup over strength and training. She is extremely untrustworthy and is afraid of combat. She will leave a fellow teammate instead of putting herself in danger is she has to and won't think twice about it. Although she wants the attention of guys and is flirty she does not want any sort of relationship with anyone.

Skillls: Repairing armor/clothing, Manipulating, but not very good at combat. Gracie just joined the military and is still learning the basics such as aiming and military tactics. As of now she isn't able to do much.

Role: Help recover information from enemy and Helping with armor repairs.

Current Location: Military training camp.

Current Status: Alive.

Weapons: N/A

Biography: Gracie grew up in poverty working for her mother at a seamstress shop. She learned how to sew and make/repair clothing at a very young age. She's a rather independent person, growing up without going to school and making friends because she always had to help out around the shop. Gracie always knew she wanted to do something more with her life other than working with clothes and she knew joining the military would be her first step in getting away from the shop.
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Gracie Tejours
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