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 Utek 'Montanree

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Utek 'Montanree
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Utek 'Montanree

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PostSubject: Utek 'Montanree   Utek 'Montanree Icon_minitime09/08/12, 08:33 pm

Name: Utek 'Montanree
Age: 22
Race: Sangheili (Sorry, can't think of anything. ^^')
Skills: Good at Swordsmanship and agility; bad at being leader or intellect.
Role: Not in a team, but if so an assassin.
Theme song(s): Operation Evolution
Insignia, if applicable: Neutral (No insignia yet)
Current Location: Installation 04
Current Status: Soon to relocate.
Biography: He was boon on a Covenent warship, where he was trained for the sword at age 7. At the age of 14, the UNSC destroyed the ship he was on. He managed to get into a drop pod but his parents didn't make it off. The drop pods were supposed to locate a place where all the drop pods could go to regroup with others, but his launched to a distant place; Installation 04, where he has lived defending himself ever since, Covenent or UNSC, it didn't matter. After all these years, he has decided to take a side. Even though he has been a born and trained Sangheili, he decided to take the side of the UNSC. Now he just needs to find some one to help him with that goal.

(I hope that's enough, I'm not to good with writing biography. ^^')
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Utek 'Montanree
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