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 Adrian Bettan [ODST]

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PostSubject: Adrian Bettan [ODST]   Adrian Bettan [ODST] Icon_minitime03/09/12, 04:45 am

Adrian Bettan [ODST] Buck_010
" i am."

Name: Adrian Bettan

Age: 24

Race: Human, Caucasian.

Skills: His skills are unique, as is with every ODST. He was able to hold off a location using his skill and wit to outmaneuver the enemy and defeat them. He went one-on-one with a gravity-hammer-wielding brute, barely surviving with many scars, but surviving. He is skilled in the use of all kinds of ranged weapons, but not very good at melee combat. Adrian is quite good as a teammate, but if you want him to aid you in Close Quarters Combat, you're out of luck. He, aside from that, participated in a few programs when he was younger, concerning the survival of people and his friends. He knows how to apply first aid and take care of his teammates, respectively. Truly, if he was any better, he'd be a Spartan.

Role: He doesn't exactly have a pre-assigned role, but he is rather good at most of the things in battle, able to be a temporary medic or doctor, able to be a sharpshooter or be in a support role. However, if you're looking for a close combat expert to aid in battle, its not him.

Insignia, if applicable: Hell Jumper, ODST. Regular ODST insignia.

Current Location: [N/A]

Ship: The ship is an extended version of the 'Longsword' ship. It has six bunks in one room for extended visitors, a armory, a firing range, and finally, a room that is mostly used for storage reasons. Its an average ship at first look, but second look it has weapons in front that can be quite devastating against other ships of its class. Other then that, it has amazing armored plating to go up against the bigger enemies.

Current Status: Active and willing

Biography: His days in Cryo should be a galaxy record. He participated in the battle of a much smaller, prototype installation shortly after he finished the battle of the Ark, a incredibly world which Master Chief appeared to fight against the Covenant yet again. He is still fuzzy on the details since he was out of cryo, but he was sure that he participated in many battles with Master Chief afterwards. Adrian was then put in Cryo and demoted to Sergeant, where he will stay. After he woke up, he discovered he was five years in the future, and proceeded to take down Insurrectionist's and help take over planets occupied. Shortly after, he was assigned his own 'ship', with a Shaw space-drive to help out in operations and take down enemies against the UNSC. That being said, he doesn't pilot his ship all alone. He has a 'dumb' AI to help him pilot the ships incredibly hard to navigate systems and retrieve orders from the UNSC. To date, he still is helping with the UNSC.

Recently, however, he went on a mission that involved fighting against some Covenant and securing an asset. This asset turned out to be a freed Huragok, but it didn't come along willingly. Adrian pushed the creature towards his ship and attempted to bring him inside, but the Huragok kept refusing. Eventually, he was fed up and he pushed the Huragok into the ship forcefully, causing it to cower in fear and hide in the storage room. Adrian, feeling a little guilty, closed up the ship and flew out to the coordinates that the UNSC was going to meet him at. The 'dumb' AI flew towards the coordinates. Adrian apologized and the super-computer seemed to recognize this, and lifted its appendage to agree on it. Or so Adrian thought. As he touched it, he formed a sort of...connection with it.
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PostSubject: Re: Adrian Bettan [ODST]   Adrian Bettan [ODST] Icon_minitime03/09/12, 12:11 pm

Good all the way to the end part. It just got silly at the end. I mean really? Forming a connection with a Huragok? It's a little.....far-fetched.

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Adrian Bettan [ODST]
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