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 Zabulon "Honor"

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PostSubject: Zabulon "Honor"   11/09/12, 04:43 am

Name: Zabulon

Age: 25

Race: White

Skills: Good at sneaking and close quarters combat, bad at precision and has left blind eye.

Role: Assassin


Theme song(s): Heat Haze Days - Vocaloid

Insignia, if applicable:

Current Location: Unknown

Current Status: Unknown

Biography: Zabulon lived on Earth when things were going to hell. His parents had no choice but to train him to be a solider from the moment he could be able to stand up and walk on his legs. Back then he didn't even have armor, he fought side by side with his family. Though it took a toll on him, he has many scars and even got his eye slashed by a Zealot, he became blind in that eye and still continued to fight. Around the age of 20, his parents were long dead. He was surprised he was alive. One day he stumbled upon the ruins of a UNSC base, where he found the armor he still wheres today. He was never an official Spartan, but he was willing to take anything he could find. But he still wanders lost, He found something, now he just needs to find someone.
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Zabulon "Honor"
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