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 Thommas Mc'Klar

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PostSubject: Thommas Mc'Klar   Thommas Mc'Klar Icon_minitime04/10/12, 01:54 am

Age: 28

Race: Human, Scottish ethnicity.

History: Was born and raised on Troy. He began his military enrolment at age 19 and became part of the 26th ODST division. He was evacuated from Troy at age 23 before a Covenant invasion. For the next five years he served aboard the UNSC NEPTUNES RAGE. There he met his best friend Vince Chaz. He now runs a wide array of operations aboard the ship, ranging from one man infiltration to fire support.

Skills: Excellent in close to mid-ranged combat. Comfortable with high explosives and is the best warthog driver aboard the NEPTUNES RAGE.

Role: Squad Leader of ODST Solace Team.

Squad Mates: Vince Chaz, Catherine Ishlas, Mike Ballard and Alex Yung.

Behavior: Tries to be reasonable in most situations but is well known for breaking a kids arm at age 6 for tripping him. Cool headed squad leader and has a good sense of humor.

Current Location: Classified

Current Status: Classified
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Thommas Mc'Klar
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