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 James Darnok

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PostSubject: James Darnok   21/10/12, 06:40 pm

Name: James Darnok aka Spartan 666

Age: 16

Race: human, Caucasian

Skills: hand to hand combat and specific types of firearms. Has a passion for mechs and is skilled with mechanical things. *flaw* Hates being called a kid, hates ONI (but won't admit it), has a BAD temper.

Role: Lone wolf but will join team if necessary. Likes to take point.

Screenshot/apearance: Purple noble six armor with yellow secondary. Has a CQC right shoulder piece.

Theme song(s): Thanks for the memories

Insignia, none yet

Current Location: (classified)

Current Status: Bored and polishing his shotgun.

Biography: AUDIO LOG...ACTIVE AND RECORDING... "This is James Darnok also known as Spartan 666...Ironic when i think about it...the covies call us demons and look what number i happen to give well thats life for ya. Anyway before you say anything yeah i sound young for a soldier...thats what you get when you wined up kidnapped by ONI spooks at like 6 to 8 years old then get stuck in a cryo pod that wouldn't turn off right...stupid cryopods...i can't believe mine was the one faulty one on the whole ... *cough* sorry...anyway now im part of the spartan program...its better than being dead...but not by much take my word for it. You get trained like your dirt and then they mess with your dna...its annoying when ya think about it...but i got friends who care at least...we spartans care about and for each other...we watch each other's six. But now things are different...i haven't heard from another spartan in almost a year...oh well. *yawn* Talk more later...night." RECORDING SAVED.
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James Darnok
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