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 Zombie RP Restart

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Make a Restart? Y/N
 57% [ 4 ]
 43% [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 7

Xion's Memory
The Wizards

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PostSubject: Zombie RP Restart   23/10/12, 05:21 am

It has been one year since the outbreak at Site Zero. An experiment to re-animate dead cells was being tested, and one of the test subjects, a poor bunny, bit one of the scientists. Within twenty-four hours, the scientist died. Thought dead, he was taken to an unmarked grave...and, as he was lowered into the pit, he came alive, biting three of the men who were lowering him. One of the guards shot him, but it was too late.
Within twenty-four hours, they died, too.

Then the outbreak started.

Men and women were bitten left, right, center. Soon, the entire base was turned, except for a small pocket of people holed up in an office.
The military commenced a tactical Nuclear Strike on Site Zero. The survivors, the infected, all of them died.
Except one.
Crawling miles away, what finally became known as a Zombie, bit a young couple as they searched for a place to have a tryst.
Twelve Hours later, they turned.
The town thought they had disappeared...but no. They came back, and it started again. Biting. Turning.
Survivors fled.

One Year Later:
After Site Zero, the infection spread across the country, but was stopped at the borders. The entiretey of the United States was quarantined from the world

The Elites
The Elites is the name given to the wealthy, influential people who prospered during the infection. As the country crumbled, they rose. They control the department, as well as Detroit, Miami, Orlando, Washington, and New York, not to mention the NORAD Mountain Complex.

Department of Zombie Containment:
When the Zombie Virus (as it was dubbed) spread, the US Goverement, with the help of the UN and NATO, formed the Department of Zombie Containment. While it was suppose to contain the threat and keep it within the state of California, the wealthy and elite of America used their power and influence to corrupt and turn the Department into their personal army. The Department then pulled everything it had and quarantined the cities of Detroit, Miami, Orlando, Washington, and New York, leaving the rest of America to fight for itself. The Department regularly trades with the nomadic Travelers for goods that are needed; any survivor found is murdered and all supplies taken.

The Travelers:
People who don't settle, the Travelers make us of everything from minivans to semi trucks to carry around their communities. These nomads usually carry heavier weaponry, such as guns. They nomadic nature allows them to pack up and quickly run if needed, and since they always move around, they always tend to find what they need. Travelers and the Department have a shaky trade alliance. The Travelers are also extremely hesitant to accept outsiders;
Because, if you're not rich, you're infected.

The Raiders:
The evil of society, the raiders make use of whatever they can get their hands on to survive; they attack anyone, even Travelers, though they rarely attempt to, as the Travelers are usually well-armed. They usually leave dead bodies in their wake, and have no sense of morals or ethics. Survivors are their main prey, as Raiders travel in packs.

The Survivors:
Most of the world today, people struggle to survive. Some stay in one place for months, others move on weekly. While not as nomadic as Travelers, most Survivors don't have vehicles or heavy weaponry; most carry pipes or bats, some carry hatchets, rare ones find a sword. Vehicles are in short supply, like gas, but some find what they need. Survivors make up most of the population of the Earth, but are scattered. Those that come together stick together, but most communities end in strife, and finally, are overrun and infected. There are pockets, and they survive by low numbers and never going out at night.

The Cure
A rumor that has spread, The Cure (Which the Elites call "Eve") is the only hope of bringing back the United States. Rumors are scattered, but most point to the abandoned Edwards Air Force Base in the Antelope Valley. Some Survivors tried to find it, but all disappeared.

Los Angeles; one of the closest major cities to Site Zero in Sacremento.

Type: Sandbox Survival. No objects, but there will be a plot.

The plot, is a group of survivors who have heard rumors of a vaccine being created by the Department. Sick of having to fear a single scratch, the survivors decide to travel to the site, where they discover "Eve", one of the few humans in the world immune to the virus. What the group does is up to them: hide away with the girl, find someone who can synthesize a cure with her blood, or...leave her to the atrocities of the department.

What happens next will just be whatever the roleplayers decide to do; add a bit of dynamic.

Besides the Plot
People are welcome to RP as Travelers, Elites, etc if they want and have mini plots going on.

So yeah.

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The Oldest Crones Alive

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PostSubject: Re: Zombie RP Restart   23/10/12, 05:22 am

Fuck i clicked the wrong button. +1 to the no

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The Wizards

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PostSubject: Re: Zombie RP Restart   23/10/12, 05:33 am

am for it

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The White Wolf
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PostSubject: Re: Zombie RP Restart   23/10/12, 01:32 pm

No. It'll last for a few months then die.

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The White Wolf
The Wizards

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PostSubject: Re: Zombie RP Restart   28/10/12, 03:13 pm

SO the score is currently 3 Yes and 4 No. It's been this way for a while. I think we can close this now.

[16:56:44] Fallen : I LOVE YOU SKIPPY~ <3
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PostSubject: Re: Zombie RP Restart   

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Zombie RP Restart
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