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 Enir 'Nusosee

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PostSubject: Enir 'Nusosee   28/10/12, 09:11 pm

Name: Enir 'Nusosee

Age: (Measured in a Earth year) 32 years

Race: Sangheili, black skin

Skills: *Pro's: Stealth, Swordsmanship, assassination, sabotage. *Con's: Piloting, direct combat.

Role: Lone Special Operations, works alone or in small squads to complete tasks behind enemy lines. (Kill high ranking officials, capture intelligence, sabotage ect.) Rarely fights on the front lines.


Location: Epsilon Eridani IV

Current Status: Waiting for commands.

Biography: Enir 'Nusosee hails from a clan of very skilled warriors, and began training from a very young age. she served as a Ranger fighting in the outer colonies until her Commanders noticed her talent for taking down lone targets that were heavily Guarded and promoted her to a Special Operative. After being promoted she helped with planetary battles for the outer colonies by taking out demons (Spartan's II and Spartan's III) and searching for Intel of the human's origin planets and any human discovery of Forerunner tech.

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PostSubject: Re: Enir 'Nusosee   29/10/12, 12:13 am

Biography is needed here. A bit of background and character to him. Also Location would be Epsilon Eridani IV

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Enir 'Nusosee
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