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 Spartan Luna, Matthew

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PostSubject: Spartan Luna, Matthew   23/11/12, 09:09 pm

Name: Matthew Luna
Age: 25
Race: Human (Caucasian)

Rank: Lieutenant
Team: (Awaiting Assignment)
Skills: Explosive handling, Long to Medium Range Firearms, and Adaptive Close Combat.
Role: Explosives Inspections and Disposal, Tactician and Strategist.


Insignia, If Applicable:

Current Location: Aboard UNSC Remember It Later
Current Status: Awaiting Removal from Cryo-Stasis
Biography: Matthew was born and raised upon Man Kinds Homeworld, Earth. At a young age it has always been one of his most wanted dreams to become a war hero known throughout the UNSC and human kind. It was this dream that led Matthew into joining the Marines in his prime youth. Once he was given the rare opportunity of becoming a part of the Spartan IV program, the question was not yes or no, but rather when did he start. Through out his time in the UNSC as a Marine, he was trained most prominently in the detection, disarming, and disposal of all explosive devices. Near the time of his recruitment into the Spartan program, his skills included not only the disposal of, but also rather the creation and arming of explosives even with non military grade equipment. As a Spartan, Matthew refined these skills, and significantly improved his marksmanship. His most favored weapon, the DMR, was seen at his side at all times. Not exactly one to talk much or be childish, his serious and professional composure kept him in good standings with UNSC Commanding Officers, giving him for the most part, a well respected position in his military career. Stubborn, prideful, and hard headed are all traits that don Matthew's personality. Holding his roots high, and a superiority against any one person he feels is weak, is the typical attitude of Matthew.

Intelligence is not a threat, Stupidity is.
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Spartan Luna, Matthew
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