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 WOLF: Agent 6 (Halo)

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PostSubject: WOLF: Agent 6 (Halo)   WOLF: Agent 6 (Halo) Icon_minitime28/11/12, 02:06 pm

Name: [Classified] (Agent 6)
Age: 21

Race: Scottish Parents, Born in the United States: Human

Gender: Female

Accent: Little to no traces of a Scottish accent remain when she speaks. As of date she never speaks with any accent beside occasional military slang.

Occupation: U.N.S.C Officer: Captain (Freelanced)

Unit Insignia: A Howling wolf in front of a moon; Colors very on units armor.

Load out: Agent 6's weapons are almost all modified. All the ammo she'd carry on her would be specialized rounds that burn the target with minimal open flames. Her Standard combat weapon would be her BR. A Pistol clings the right side of her waist, a Plasma sword on her left; both of which are in case she finds herself pinned down in a bind. She’d carry at all times three knives, one in each boot and one on her breast plate. Lastly she’d have three napalm grenades with twist to activate pins so rough housing with flood does not accidently set one off.

Appearance: Agent 6's armor is a mix match collected over her years of service. Basic Mjolnir Spartan armor headed by an ODST helmet complete with a sky-blue visor from her time as an ODST. Along with the ODST helm she wears on her left shoulder an ODST shoulder plate, her right a Flight-class Dropper shoulder. Shock resistant knee guards reinforce her leg armor, a utility attachment clinging to her waist as well as a Intel re-layer on her wrist.

Without the powerful Spartan armor Agent 6 would be a slim but well toned woman in her mid twenty's. Her face is speckled with freckles that go hand-in-hand with her green eyes and long spicy red hair they'd naturally fall to her mid-back. When in her armor she keeps her hair in a bun or pony tail so it does not hang out of her armor. Simply by having long hair shows she must of been in the armed forced many years in order for it to grow out so long after the mandatory hair-cut.

A bit short in stature Agent 6 would appear a touch petite though makes up for it with a mastery of many Martial Arts should she be caught without her armor. Agent 6 does not wear make up or try to make herself pretty. She is content with her 'natrual beauty' boasting just an advrage C-cup bust and a small rear.

----------------------------------------------------------(History is as writen in File)----------------------------------------------------------
Taken at the age of 6 by Dr. [lllllllllllllllll] [lllllllllllll] was selected to be put into the Sparten III Hazop program.

[lllllllllllllll] Enlisted in the armed forces at the age of 15 along with her twin brother [llllllllllllll]. After a tour of duty in [lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll] she went on to graduate Collage.

[lllllllllllllll] Enlisted in the U.N.S.C for an Officer rank after her honorable release from the United [llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll] army after 3 years of searvice. The U.N.S.C Appointed her the rank of Warrent Officer Grade-3 at the age of 23 with a starting Net-pay of [lllllllllllllll] per year.

[llllllllllllll] after serving with Orbital Defense Shock Trooper for 2 years moved into a Spec-Ops team under the lead of Lt. Colonel [lllllllllllllllllllll] A.K.A Agent 1. [llllllllllll] being the sixth member of the six man team was appointed the field name Agent 6 according to the Lt. Colonel code of morals.

During a mission to [llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll] Agent 6's D77-TC was compermised and crashed in a forest near [llllllllllllllllllll] The team was exposed and discovered one of the first [llll] Class Flood outbreaks on [llllllllllllllllllll] Agents 1, 3, and 4 are confirmed K.I.A Via Agent 6's visor cam. Agents 2 and 5 are claimed K.I.A by Agent 6. Current States of Agents 2 and 5 was put on purgatory of M.I.A for 1 year before reconfirmed K.I.A. Agent six returned from the mission after being M.I.A for 173 hours in critical condition and received medical treatments.
[The rest of the page involving details of her medical treatments has been classified by the U.N.S.C department of science and research.]

Agent 6 upon return from her M.I.A was praised and awarded with select metals of honor along with the rank of Captain.

Agent 6 went on to continue to up-hold her fallen commanders code of morals having taken over his position of a Spec-Ops leader; however Agent 6 took the team in another rout after being given permission by General [lllllllllllllll] to become a flood exclusive task force. Agent 6's team was formerly known as W.O.L.F: We Oppress the Life of Flood.

Female/Blue Visor not displayed in picture.

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WOLF: Agent 6 (Halo)
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