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 RP desgin for Trigger Spartan 175

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PostSubject: RP desgin for Trigger Spartan 175   02/12/12, 02:00 am

Name: Trigger

Age: 22 years

Race: human (Caucasian)

Skills: Skilled sniper, knife fighter, scout, recon, and mongoose, and ghost driver, not good with explosives, lasers,flying or driving warthogs and scropins or wraiths , flaws very quiet and has insomnia , strengths follows orders well


Screenshot/apearance: Hair/ eye color: Brown, Mustache and small beard, a scar running down the left of his face

Theme song(s): Trace Adkins Arlington

Insignia, if applicable:Wolf in front of a blood red moon

Current Location: On the USNC WASHINGTON

Current Status: Active Duty

Biography: Name: //////
Rank: Senior Chief
Number: 175
Call sign: Trigger
Birth Place: ///////////
Combat record/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////. Has become an incredalibly skilled sniper. First combat drop was with spartan ////// and odst team /////. Sent on a routine //////////. Encountered heaby resitance Odst team kill and spartan ////// wounded. Trigger pulled them all out while under fire. Was awarded the navy cross put never showed up for the cermony his words were I don't deserve a medal when the brave men are burried who do deserve it. Later was sent to meet an elite defector who had valueable intel. Was to meet him on the planet ////////. When Trigger got there and began to talk to the elite an elite sniper shot and wounded the elite. Trigger stayed with the wounded elite for three months and was also having a sniper battle with the covy sniper. He killed the sniper by //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////.
Trigger was then assighned to the USNC WASHINTON were he awaits further orders form his CO
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RP desgin for Trigger Spartan 175
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