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 The Sangheili .:. Character Creation

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PostSubject: The Sangheili .:. Character Creation   31/12/12, 03:28 am

Here, you need to create a character for "The Sangheili" roleplay. Literally, all Sangheili-only or Covenant-only players can post here, this isn't going to be too much, just something cool for my friends to do and that.

Current Location:
Current Status:

Type-26 Assault Gun Carriage "Shelob" - Shelob was one of the countless brood of Ungoliant; a Giant Arachnid and a Relic from a time long passed. Shelob was the greatest of Ungoliant’s spawn, and was many times larger than even the largest of Mirkwood’s Spiders. A purely neutral character, she served only herself, and her hunger and bloodlust would be satisfied by any creature she could consume. She usually immobilized her prey with her paralyzing bite that enabled her to feed on her victims at her leisure, but could also crush her prey to death by swiftly dropping on them.

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PostSubject: Re: The Sangheili .:. Character Creation   31/12/12, 03:29 am

This is going to be edited, a lot of it, when I get a chance.

Name: Veer 'Kai Zamamee

Age: 118 years equivalent to human years. (Editable when I get a chance)

Race: Sangheili

Skills: He has many strengths which consist of marksmanship, swordsmanship and creating unorthodox tactics. He has no fears and isn't afraid to raise a question in any circumstance. He was taught by his father, Zuka 'Zamamee, who was present during the battle of Installation 04. His father hired twelve tutors through three years, which in turn made Veer the best at what he does.
He is also very good at political debates, after hearing his father in constant verbal battles; he picked up some tricks of the trade. Also, he his is that he is extremely talented in evading and dodging incoming bullets, or objects, as taught by Ripa 'Kal Vargun. He loses his temper very quickly, alike his father. However, this has been controlled over the years and he has come to a compromise with it.
He fears nothing, not even death. He can often be heard reciting the Sangheili Death Benediction and praising the death, which is unusual. He honours death, essentially. He will, and has, threw himself in front of enemy fire to save fellow warriors and commanders, which defines him as a warrior: he is a selfless, honourable warrior. He doesn't believe in killing his adversaries from a distance; he sees this dishonourable and prefers to kill them at a fair distance. He will kill at range if it means victory and if it is necessary. He is an extraordinary warrior who would give his own life in order for his warriors to safely return home. He is selfless, hard working and competent.

Rank:Special Operations Officer.

Role: Marksmen and Special Warfare Subordinate Commander; currently, Civilian.

Appearance: He holds a towering height of eight foot and six inches. As you can imagine, this subject holds a very towering height. He has fairly “buff” muscles as he was very fit during his military career. He has very unnatural blue eyes with flicks of orange in them, outlined by a black felt-like pattern. In truth, he is more comparable to a wolf. Veer has many scars, two across his mandibles and one running across his chest; expectable for a Sangheili of his age.

Also, Veer wears a usual configuration of armour. He bears his honour very highly and dresses and speaks in the most orderly manner possible for his fellow warriors and his superiors. He is very true to the seven virtues and tries to show this through his appearance in the most organised, respectful way possible. He wears the typical and standard Armour which is mandatory and obligatory to any and all Sangheili Special Operations. He has various compartments in his armour where he stores personal things, photos, files and his personal Data-pad. His armour has various battle scars too such as dents, scratches and faded colours. All acquired from war. There is a massive colour fade on the front, with a ton of scratches and a huge dent, thanks to an explosion a while ago. His greaves are a faded black and purple; however, they are still highly recognisable by the strong coat of paint that was implemented years ago. He has dog-tags of the humans he has slain attached to his armour. He wears these with pride and honour.



Like this, but with a black and purple colouring. Armour is scarred and battered due to years of service.

Current Location: Unknown, presumably starside.

Current Status: Excellent; accelerated heart rate and visual implants elevated.

Biography: He spent twelve years in military training and army, before eventually graduating and surpassing the tests to join the Covenant Army. He went on a number of tours, surviving them all, leading lances and armies to war with the Humans and other races. He was trained by his father, Ripa 'Kal Vargun, Ripa 'Kai Vadumee and Thel 'Verassai, to name a few. His superior skills meant he rose quite quickly through the ranks of the Covenant, surprising others of his statue at times. He never thought this possible, he was only a mere Special Operation Sangheili.

He respects his family and his species, although doubting the judgement of the Prophets greatly. His family originated from the icy polar region of Sanghelios, and they live there even now. Their estate is over three hundred years old, and resides around an ice glacier, aspiring the name Zamam valley. The canyon, or glacier it resides in, is home to some of the native people and animals that have lived there for centuries.

His brother, although separated by bloodlines, was one of the closest people to him, apart from his family. They went through military training and army together, and they both joined the Covenant Army. His brother, Kaine 'Nar Ranoee, was lost in a tour of duty captured by the Humans, as a prisoner.
He loves his family and wouldn't replace his family for anything; he is very religious and loves Covenant music and the way his race makes music with what they have. He doesn’t dislike the humans, but he doesn’t like them either. It has been noted that he will do anything that will benefit his race, whether it be taking others or his own life. Personally, rank means nothing to him. He feels that it is such an honour to work under the esteemed San 'Shyuum and their Sangheili commanders and to complete the just task that has been set to deliver him and others to the divine beyond; if it even exists. He attends regular training sessions with his brothers and his friends on Sanghelios, Decided Heart and Kholo. These include marksman training, discipline training, swordsman training, archery and jousting. He thoroughly enjoys these events and has a lot of fun when he participates in them. On Sanghelios, in his State, his job is farming. He gathers crops and such for his family that live in the beautiful polar region that is. He loves doing this as completing tasks that involve going up and down the glacier keep him fit and healthy which is an easy price to pay for such a result. The view that can be seen from the side of the mountain, which is a jagged point, is spectacular. You can see for miles from this point and overviews a lot of major towns on Sanghelios. Believe it or not, he meditates a lot on this peak and it is one of the most peaceful locations in the State.

He never parts with his beloved Beam Rifle; ever since his service started he has had this with him. He repairs, remodels and restructures his rifle and customises it as he sees fit. Another weapon he keeps handy with him is his pistol, his Plasma pistol; a fantastic trusty sidearm. He is an accurate marksman and handles himself appropriately under pressure which is what is needed. He doesn't believe it is honourable to kill his targets from a far. He prefers to look his adversaries in the eyes just before he terminates their existence. However, he will do this if it means completing the task or if it is necessary. He is a wise warrior who is smart with his mouth.

After Veer started to accumulate a lot of victories, he gained a lot of respect from his superiors and the inferiors below him. They respected his admirable courage, integrity, loyalty and honour and respected his work as a marksman and a swordsman; his jack of all trade-like work. He knew he wasn't the best at what he did, he didn't try to be. He just wanted to be apart of the Covenant and their Military and he wanted to rid the Universe of the human and heretic filth that was. Of course, none of this would have been accomplished without his lance: Apostles' Lance - filled with warriors he met at the Yermo War College, on Sanghelios. Out of coincidence, once their training there was complete they were sent to High Charity and enlisted to the Sangheili Covenant Military, and put into the same lance. This may because of similar skills or recommendatory advice from the elders of the college.

Veer, shows utmost honour at all times. On occasion, he has recited a "death benediction" at the death of his adversaries which is unusual. This could imply that killing is not his choice, but his order. This has not been proved, however. He could just be showing honour towards his fallen adversaries.

Veer has made his family proud. What was once an innocent farmer is now a Sangheili warrior fighting in some of the war's most important battles. He has witnessed death, betrayal and suicide but has continued onward and has proved himself as the honourable being like millions of Sangheili warriors have. Veer is also always eager to teach Sangheili his ways: his honour and skill, his passion and selflessness. This is a gracious and spectacle scene. Other than this, not much else is known about Veer.


- Beam Rifle (12x Zoom, extended magazine, modified round coverage and native Sangheili symbols).
- Plasma Rifles x 2 (Extended plasma magazine, double cooling systems and native Sangheili symbols).
- Energy Swords x 1 (Native Sangheili symbols and quicker ventilation system).
- Energy Blades x 2 (Cloaking enabled system and quicker retraction time).
- Camouflage System
- Special Operations Harness
- Personal Energy Shield (Four separate energy shields).
- Utilities x 2 (Carries personal things, or whatever the user can fit it).
- Grenade and charge belt (A belt that separates from the actual armour, coming out from it and floating until discharged).


Xanoee Heresy
Vargun Rebellion
Battle of Leonis Minoris
Battle of Kholo
Assault on Miridem
Second Battle of Arcadia
Invasion of Draco III
Battle of Tribute
Battle of New Jerusalem
Battle of Installation 05
Battle of Installation 00
Assault on Kolon Keep
Defence of Mother Sanghelios
Breaching of the Front lines
Fall of Reach
Quarantining of the Parasite
Unggoy Rebellion


1st Lance:

Veer 'Kai Zamamee; Special Operations Officer
Aura Kasamee; Special Operations Minor
Sano 'Kasamee; Special Operations Operative - DECEASED
Vaht 'Razumee; Special Operations Operative
Enir 'Nusosee; Special Operations Operative
S bi Ontomee; Special Operations Operative

2nd Lance:

Zuka 'Nar Vargunee; Special Operations Officer
Thel 'Necresee; Special Operations Minor
Han 'Voklomee; Special Operations Minor - DECEASED
Sesa 'Vodatee; Special Operations Operative - DECEASED
Iorek 'Vodatee; Stealth Minor - DECEASED
Uska 'Vernasee; Stealth Minor

Type-26 Assault Gun Carriage "Shelob" - Shelob was one of the countless brood of Ungoliant; a Giant Arachnid and a Relic from a time long passed. Shelob was the greatest of Ungoliant’s spawn, and was many times larger than even the largest of Mirkwood’s Spiders. A purely neutral character, she served only herself, and her hunger and bloodlust would be satisfied by any creature she could consume. She usually immobilized her prey with her paralyzing bite that enabled her to feed on her victims at her leisure, but could also crush her prey to death by swiftly dropping on them.

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Vaht Razumee
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PostSubject: Re: The Sangheili .:. Character Creation   31/12/12, 03:54 am

Name: Vaht Razumee
Age: 108 (Equivalent to Human years)
Race: Sangheili
Skills: Offensive sword tactics, Weapon modifications, Demoralizing executions
Role: Sangheili, Ex military Commander
Appearance: Gray skin, War wounds, Yellow colored iris , Wears a Crystalline Shard amulet, Jiralhanae teeth and U.N.S.C dog tags
Current Location: Sangheilios

Biography: Vaht was formerly a Phantom pilot until he was transferred to Spec Ops, due to this, He was placed under Veer 'Kai Zamamee's command. Vaht has been through extremely dangerous missions, and the outcome of such bravery has turned a feeble soldier into a battle-hardened warrior. Since the war is over, Vaht has returned to Sangheilios

Like this, but with gloves

Equipment: Elite personal energy shield, Sangheili point defense gauntlet, Personal item pouch, Sangheili ''Night Vision" module, Sangheili Commander Harness

Weapons: 1x T-55 D.E.R "Storm Rifle", 1x T-1 Sword, 2x Type-1 Antipersonnel grenade, 1x Plasma rifle


Absolutely marvelous Sangheili BEAUTY!

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Esro 'Velasee
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PostSubject: Re: The Sangheili .:. Character Creation   31/12/12, 04:04 am

Name: Esro 'Velasee

Age: 23

Race: Sangheili

Skills: Swordsmanship, Marksmanship, Commanding, Listening.

Role: Cannon-Fodder, going to war to slay humans and other races.

Appearance: 7"3', slender looking, not overweight. He has no battle scars and has never been in a war. He is about to enter the academy to be trained as a Sangheili warrior. He has Minor armour but has not worn it yet, he has black eyes, and darkish blue skin.

Current Location: Sanghelios

Current Status: Active

Biography: Born on 'Makur State, cared for by the 'Velas bloodline and raised as a child conceived by Fel and Vela 'Velas. He grew up around war, battle and friends and is looking to enter the training academy for the Sangheili to become a TRUE Sangheili warrior. Not much has been noted, but a skilled warrior he will become.
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PostSubject: Re: The Sangheili .:. Character Creation   

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The Sangheili .:. Character Creation
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