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 PFC Christopher Shay (Marine)

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Not cool enough for a real rank

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PostSubject: PFC Christopher Shay (Marine)   PFC Christopher Shay (Marine) Icon_minitime28/01/13, 09:56 pm

Name: Christopher John Shay

Age: 19 Earth Years

Race: Caucasian

Skills: He is an excellent soldier, a natural marksman with his Designated Marksman Rifle. He has an above average intellect. He is no good with automatic weapons, he prefers Battle Rifles, Sniper Rifles, or, his personal favorite, the DMR. He has an extreme fear of heights which made him turn down any requests to join the ODST. He has a slight limp from getting shot in the leg at the Battle of Reach.

Role: He is a sniper in the 265th Infantry.

Screenshot/appearance: Chris is 6' 2" and well built with a light tan. He has blonde hair and green eyes with a scar under his left eye.

Theme song(s): Again, only if you want to

Insignia, if applicable: PFC Christopher Shay (Marine) Unsc

Current Location: Earth

Current Status: Active

September 8th, 2552
I survived. Reach was attacked and I survived. It seems like only yesterday the ODSTs were attempting to recruit me, but my fear of heights made me decline. My mother always said that I was afraid of heights because Heaven was afraid of me. I'm going to miss them all, Reach was all I knew. I was born here and I trained here, now I am en route to Earth. I can't wait until we take the fight to the Covies, I will be the last thing those bastards never see. The Doc says my leg will never be completely healed, but enough for me to see combat again. The others weren't so lucky, I watched my squad get turn apart by plasma. I'll never forget their faces. I survived. I'm lucky. Happy birthday to me.
~Christopher John Shay
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PFC Christopher Shay (Marine)
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