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 Carn 'Sanamee

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PostSubject: Carn 'Sanamee   19/02/13, 11:55 pm

Name: Carn 'Sanamee
Age: 35
Race: Sangheili
Skills: He is particularly good with Carbines and Energy swords, but he is weak when it comes to math :I
Role: Fleet Master, and half-brother of Thel 'Vadam
Theme song(s): Bulletproof-Five Finger Death Punch, and I Will Not bow-Breaking Benjamin
Insignia, if applicable:
Current Location: Sangheilios
Current Status: Fighting along side his step brother in the Sangheili civil war
Biography: Nothing much to say. But as a child he was always treated like a waste of space, as he grew, he became determined to make that change. He worked along side the Arbiter during those times, figuring out ways to kill the humans, but during the fall of the Covenant, the Arbiter and Carn changed tactics and focused on the civil war poluting their planet. He now fights along side his half-brother, hopin to end the civil war and bring balance/peace between the Sangheilis and the humans.

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Carn 'Sanamee
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