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 Mark Gallegos (AKA Doc)

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Doctor Deadpool
Doctor Deadpool

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PostSubject: Mark Gallegos (AKA Doc)   22/03/13, 06:31 pm

Appearance: In Armor;
Out of Armor;

//Accessing Personnel Profile
Password: ******************
-Access Granted-

Personnel Name: Mark A. Gallegos
Join Date: 2517
Enlistees Rank and Years served: E-6/Petty Officer 1st Class; 8 yrs
Enlistees Rate: FMFI (Fleet Marine Force Independent) Corpsman
SSN: *****5698
Personality Profile: PO1 Gallegos is a man of different stature. His psych profile says he's normal. I would have to disagree, he very OCPD about his job. Everything must have a place, if it doesn't he'll crack under pressure. How he has done his job the Marines, I will never know. Other then that, I agree with his profile. He is good natured, well mannered, and he likes to make his comrades laugh. No matter how tough the situation, he get's the job done. I recommend PO1 Mark Gallegos for the Special Task Group; Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST).
-Lieutenant Joe Yang
Joe Yang

Birth Date: 2498-11-06
Birth Place: Sigma Octanus IV
Parents: Father; N/A Mother; Cassandra Reed
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Mark Gallegos (AKA Doc)
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