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 Vino A.K.A. "BeatBreaker"

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Vino A.K.A. "BeatBreaker" Empty
PostSubject: Vino A.K.A. "BeatBreaker"   Vino A.K.A. "BeatBreaker" Icon_minitime02/05/13, 12:57 am

Name: Vino Michaelis
Age: 26
Race: Caucasian
Skills: Known for his brilliant fighting style, able to take on multiple spartan IVs with fists. Known to be inaccurate from a long distance and is known to be slow.
Role: Breach and Secure.

Theme Song: Dead C.A.T Bounce - Nothing To Say (The Chaotic Remix)

Current Location: Aboard UNSC Surrexit Petalis
Current Status: Keeping his title as "BeatBreaker"
Bibliography: A digital news reader projects the latest headlines:
Vino, A.K.A. BeatBreaker, beats down another spartan on his way to the top! A 6'7" burly fighter, shows that not only can you beat in the visor of a so called, "High Class Spartan IV," but you can beat them up whilst jamming out to a wicked bass line. That's right everyone, BeatBreaker doesn't have the name because of how it sounds, but because of the sounds he fights to! Wearing a full purple Spartan IV suit, with his trendy E.O.D. Helmet, he shows us he can kick ass and look awesome at the same time! He'll be here for one more show and then he's gone, so get your tickets while you can!
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Vino A.K.A. "BeatBreaker"
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