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 Kira Dankó

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PostSubject: Kira Dankó   27/06/13, 09:10 pm

Name: Lieutenant Kira Dankó

Age: 25

Race: Caucasian

Skills: Stealth, Medical training, Speaks fluent Hungarian, Espionage, Recon

Role: ONI Operative

She has shoulder-length, blonde hair, usually kept in a tight ponytail, and dark brown eyes. She has quite pale skin, and is about average height.

She has a scar above her right eye that runs diagonally from below the right-hand side of her eyebrow to above the left-hand side from a head wound during a drop from orbit.

Theme song(s): The Judas Kiss - Metallica

Insignia, if applicable:

Current Location: XXX

Current Status: In the field

Biography: Kira Dankó was born on Reach, and had lived in a Kiva near Visegrad all of her life until enlisting with the Navy aged 18, after her father being killed in action. She then served as a marine for 2 years, before volunteering for the ODSTs in 2547. She was an ODST until December, 2551, at which point she was recruited into ONI as a field operative, working in sections Zero (Internal Affairs), One (Intelligence) and Three (Classified/Black Ops)

When Reach fell to the Covenant, Kira was kept unaware until after it had fallen, causing her hold ONI in some contempt for not allowing her to defend her home, however, her mother and sister were evacuated in time.

When working for Sections One or Three, she is stationed on the UNSC Nightmare, a Prowler Class ship fitted with a SOEIV bay for deployment.

Her Nineteen year old brother, Dávid, is a Marine currently stationed on UNSC Paris Class Frigate Iris and her Eighteen year old sister, Kitti, currently attends Luna OCS Academy.

She speaks with a Hungarian accent, as she is of Hungarian descent.

BR55HB SR (Outfitted with a suppressor)
M6S Pistol
Her armour contains an active-camouflage generator.
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Kira Dankó
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