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 Josie May (ODST)

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PostSubject: Josie May (ODST)   30/06/13, 02:40 pm

Name: Josie May

Age: 23

Race: Caucasian

Skills: Excellent vision, quick thinking and patience.  

Role: Sharpshooter


She has natural red hair and heavily lidded eyes, meaning she almost always looks asleep. Her eyes are green and flecked with amber.

Current Location: XXX

Current Status: In the field

Biography: Hailing from the planet Victoria in the 111 Tauri system, she disappointed her family when she expressed a desire to join the UNSC. She was cast out from the family and hasn't spoke to them since she left home. Since no news has ever come by the UNSC of her planet, she has no way to tell if they're even still alive.

She was quickly drafted into the ODST's upon basic training and put through rigorous training to become one of the best ODST marksmen the centre had to offer.

She's been being re-assigned to squad after squad depending on where her talents are needed ever since she left the school.

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Josie May (ODST)
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