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 New HRP. Realistic with a DM

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New HRP. Realistic with a DM Empty
PostSubject: New HRP. Realistic with a DM   New HRP. Realistic with a DM Icon_minitime15/02/14, 10:47 pm

Basically this would be a new HRP that would be squad based. Each person would be a part of an ODST squad (Subject to change, possibly marines or covenant). I would DM it along with one of the American members of the site.

A squad leader would be appointed out of your group, as would a second in command. You are required to follow your squad leader's commands.

The Squad would be on various missions which would be somewhat linear, affected by your squad leaders choices.

In this RP, cooperation and realism is required. Without either, your character will die. Sometimes, your character may die anyway, because it's war and shit happens. As such, less backstory work would be required per character (Because I don't expect you to spend a few days writing a good character only to have him die when his pod fails upon drop).

Because deaths will be happening in this RP, I fully expect surviving characters to be affected by each death. I don't care how the character deals with it, but I want to see emotional attachment. This will require good RP skills.

I would also like anybody joining this RP to understand and be aware specifically about the fact that characters WILL die. Any complaints about this can be taken up with the DM's but for the most part, if you died then you were likely doing something which would get you killed in an IRL situation.

I personally will only be posting to give the mission, move the mission along, causes consequences or create scenarios that the squad must overcome. Otherwise UI will more or less let the RP run as the squad dictates.
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New HRP. Realistic with a DM
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