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 Character Area

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The Longterm Poster

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PostSubject: Character Area   30/05/15, 09:11 pm

Age: This time around, you're a third year. Age should be 17/18
Home Region:

Soul Type: (What weapon is it? e.g, Khopesh, Gladius, Bow, etc. As said, what weapon you can have will depend on your home region.)
Soul Appearance: (What does it look like?)
Soul Effects: (What powers does your soul have/give you? Try not to be too overpowered.)

Name: Rika Kyubei


Age: 18

Home Region: Koga

Personality: Rika is straight forward and blunt, preferring not to disguise her meanings behind words. She does not, however, involve herself where she isn't wanted or needed, however, when she does interact with others, she is generally cheerful.

Biography: Growing up, Rika showed herself to be very intelligent, however, she was incredibly apathetic towards everything and everyone, save for her sister, who was the only one she would play with as a child, or talk to as a teenager, leading to many of the others in the town branding her as 'weird', not just the residents her age, many of the adults there thought the same. The absence of any father figure and her mother’s eccentric behaviour contributed to this, with the suspicion around her family eventually becoming concrete when her mother disappeared, shortly before a group of Angel’s arrived to arrest her.

Her soul appeared when she was eight, while she was busy playing alone by a stream. A group of the other children, probably seeing the weird girl as an easy target, had been trying to bully her for weeks, gaining no reaction from Rika. Deciding to use physical violence to 'teach her a lesson' they approached her at the stream, the apparent leader trying to hit her with a large stick.

Rika’s soul appeared in her hands as she flinched away, stopping the stick from hitting her, while the weighted end hit the boy in the face, breaking his nose. Rika denies ever actually throwing the weighted end at him, despite everyone else involved saying she did.

She immediately began practicing with her kusarigama alone, and with her older sister, who was already an angel.

After being accepted into Sanctum, she worked her hardest to live up to her sister's already impressive record, consistently coming in the top ten for all of her subjects. She was a star pupil for most of her teachers, and all of them expected that she would be as good an angel as her older sister until her sister was killed hunting a demon in the Ashlands.

Since then, Rika’s grades slipped from the top ten to the bottom ten. Her attendance dropped to the bare minimum, and she stopped trying all together.

Soul Type: Kusarigama
Soul Appearance:
Soul Effects: The weighted end of the Kusarigama is incredibly heavy to anyone but herself, making movement while trapped by it almost impossible. When swinging the chain with her eyes closed, Rika can sense the presence of others almost like a bat.


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PostSubject: Re: Character Area   30/05/15, 10:23 pm

Name: Nerva Vibiana
Appearance: 5'4" with dark brown hair and dark brown almost black eyes. While not skinny, she isn't large either, with most of her defining features coming from muscles worked up from years of exercise. A few scars from training accidents adorn her chest and stomach, with a small burn mark on the outside edge of her left arm. Her hair is short and barely comes down past her chin. She generally keeps it tied back to keep it out of the way of any grabs or her vision, but when it is down Nerva will often keep it to the sides, again outside of her vision.
Home Region: Magnus
Personality: "The one who swings first, because you said something about her friend." That personality, however you would describe it
Biography: Nerva didn't have a 'proper' family for most of her life, spending most of it in her father's shop running the place after he fell ill. Her siblings and mother would help, but she ended up taking most of responsibility and thus had to grow up fast. After some thugs tried to rob the place, she was sent to Sanctum for 'summoning a weapon from nowhere'

Soul Type: Cestus
Soul Appearance:
Soul Effects:
1.For half of a second, Nerva can turn into a nearly indestructible stone-like statue. However, this also stops any perceptions she might have. Sight, hearing, balance, smell, etc are all paused for this half of a second. Rapid uses take a larger toll on her body and mind.

2. If both Cestus are touching the same target, an electric current is run through them, from Cestus to Cestus. This can be used to make sparks and what not if they touch, much like live wires, however there is no effect if it's just one Cestus. Also, the electric current can backfire on Nerva if held for too long or done too often.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Area   31/05/15, 08:27 am

(another reboot? Finally have an idea on what you want to do with this RP?)
Yupp. Just need to fix some things up.

Name: Cornelius Igiturus Alterus
Appearance: light-medium brown skin. blue eyes. dark hair. Thin and toned from training and diet.
Age: 17
Home Region: Magnus

Personality: He has a high a self-esteem, he's solitary, creative, intuitive, and sensitive. Light of foot, heavy of mind.

Biography: Born in the early dawn, before the sun's shining head reared its light, he came into this world in darkness. His mother, single and without aid, raised him alone in the house of his eldest uncle who disproved of this out of marriage addition to the family. He grew up under the kind and gentle watch of his grandmother as his mother slaved away at work to put him in school and care for him. He was a solitary child, often found playing alone, or sitting by himself watching the hustle and bustle of the city. This also marked him as "weird" by the kids who saw him rarely. Here was this kid, like them, who did nothing that they did, he did adult things like reading or writing. When people found out that he was a bastard child, they never let him hear the end of it.

He was surrounded by tragedy as a child. Every day there was news about some murder or death that happened to be a family friend or business partner or distant relative. On one fateful rainy day, he would have joined their number. Cornelius was attacked by a group of men as he walked alone down an alley way, a short cut to the his house, the house of his uncle. This is when his soul appeared in the form of a spatha. When he held it he felt lighter than air. He moved with the sword as a feather twirls through the wind, parrying and blocking the mens' attacks. He jumped away to escape, only to discover that his jump took him higher and further than he thought - landing quite some distance away. He ran the rest of the way to his uncles house.

The men were never caught. The realization that they might try again led to his daily training habit and meditation. There was circumstantial evidence to his concern, but enough for him to take training very seriously. He practiced with a similar sword to the one that spawned, his Soul, so that he wouldn't become overly dependent on the swords ability.

In Sanctum academy he flourished. Academically he was brilliant, he grasped concepts easily, and performed in the top 10 of the class - in combat. In grades he was in the top 33% of the class. Though the subject material was never difficult, he was terrible at test-taking. Now in his 3rd year at Sanctum, he's ready to start hunting demons. Abroad and Domestic.

Soul Type: Spatha

Soul Appearance: an 8th-11th century Roman sword.  a type of straight and long sword, measuring between 0.75 and 1 m (30 and 39 in) with a pointed tip. The hilt is fashioned into some kind of bird, at one angle it looks like an eagle, another, a raven or crow.

Soul Effects: Feather. That is to say his Soul gives him a passive ability in which he is perpetually light as a feather. As a result he moves faster, jumps higher, and be move more quietly than others. This also means that when he is hit he is thrown far, as if he were no lighter than a feather. There is also a density component that adds weight to the strike of the sword.

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The Wizards

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PostSubject: Re: Character Area   01/06/15, 01:48 am

Name: Laila Lark
Age: 18
Home Region: Lamorak
Personality: Quick to anger and take perceived slights. Rather unfriendly and focused on the destruction of the demon threat.  
Biography: Born to the town mayor and descended from royalty, she grew up with a disproportionate sense of self. She quickly became the leader of a small gang of youths within the town who bullied, stole and cheated their way to the top with the protection of her father. In a fight with a rival gang for control of their territory, she was able to summon a glaive from seeming thin air and from that moment on, her path was clear. In Sanctum, she became focused entirely on the demon threat. As a result, she's judged to be unfriendly and unforgiving to her classmates.

Soul Type: Glaive
Soul Appearance:
Soul Effects: As befitting her brazen personality, her Soul weapon provides her with a passive endurance, speed and lack of fatigue during extended fights beyond normal limitations.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Area   01/06/15, 06:51 pm

Name: Richter Leone
Gender: Male
Appearance: He stands at around five feet ten inches. He has black long black hair that is fashioned into dreadlocks. The back of his dreadlocks come down to the middle of his back, while the front come down just past his cheeks. His forehead is cleared of any of his locks. His eyes are green in color and he's clean shaven. He wears his uniform's jacket unbuttoned and with the tie loose.
Age: 18
Home Region: Lamorak
Personality: A very lackadaisical young man. He's prone to drifting off during class if he feels as if the teacher is droning on. The only classes he seems to show any enthusiasm in is weapons training and demonology.

Biography: Born in Lamorak between a mother from Lamorak and a father from Magnus, Richter was a very playful child growing up. As he grew older, his enthusiasm began to disappear almost abruptly and the only thing he could find enjoyment in was fighting. Fighting other children would be something he would do for fun. At the age of fifteen, during a fight with a larger boy in which the larger boy was gaining victory, his Katars would appear in his hands. The boy would be shocked and in awe. With blood coming from his mouth, Richter would yell out and begin to thrust the weapons at the boy. Missing all deadly blows, all thrusts were more or less made to put a fear into the boy. He would be enrolled into Sanctum after this incident. His love of fighting would be used to combat the demonic threat. He'd make only the necessary grades to pass each of his classes.

Soul Type: Katar (x2)
Soul Appearance:
Soul Effects:
For a short period of time, 5 seconds, he has enhanced speed at the cost of some of his attack power.

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Character Area
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