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 Mass Effect: Revival

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The Longterm Poster

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PostSubject: Mass Effect: Revival   19/03/17, 06:55 pm

Some Inspirational Music:

In the Mass Effect universe humanity has come into contact with many alien species, most of them more advanced in technology and vastly different in culture.
Your Species effects your backstory. While there are similarities and parallels, nothing is ever the same. Whether your from the blue mono-sex species of the Asari who have great biotic potential, or the reptilian Drell who have keen senses and a natural wiry strength. I am assuming you have knowledge of the species of the Mass effect Universe, if not this will be your favorite resource. This story is taking place years after the destructive victory over the Reapers. Earth has recovered, and Mass Relays restored by the survivors. It took years to do, but it was done. The Galaxy is bit more united than it once was. But politics is politics, and people still need to put food on the table. Criminal organizations still exist, especially since the fall of Cerberus, a power void was made, and different organizations are fighting to fill it. Whether you want to explore the galaxy, or fight crime, or do important research, there is a place for you. A job for you.

Name, Race,Gender:
Class (Soldier, Biometic, civilian, etc.)
skills or talents: (split into categories)
Biotic, tech, combat

IF you're military: pick one.
Human Military: Soldier, Engineer, Adept, Infiltrator, Sentinel, and Vanguard.
Turian Military: Rare:Cabal (biotic), Soldier, Engineer, Infiltrator
Salarian Military: Soldier, Engineer,
Asari: Commando, Huntress, ...
Batarian: See human
Quarian: Marine: infiltrator, engineer, soldier

John Shepard, Human, Male
An orphan on earth... joined military... saved galaxy (I'm not going into detail, you played the games, presumably)
Alliance Military Commander, Spectre
Skilled in all manner of weapons from pistols to sniper rifles.
First Aid

Roleplay Area:

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Not cool enough for a real rank

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PostSubject: Re: Mass Effect: Revival   20/03/17, 01:57 am

Name: JP
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Engineer
Weapon: M-12 Locust, M-99 Saber
Tech: Cryo Blast, Sabotage, Combat Drone

Background: Married at 20 and live on Horizon until The Collectors took his wife and child never to be seen again. Joined Cerberus after witnessing Shepard take on The Collectors.
Rose up the ranks and eventually became a seasoned Engineer and decorated Soldier in Cerberus. After finding out what Cerberus was becoming he switched sides and sided with the Alliance for information on Cerberus.
Fought with the Alliance on Earth in the battle against the Reapers. Decided to go into seclusion and end his life on any backwater planet in the solar system tired of the fighting.
Ended up on Omega fixing ships that docked. Took in a couple of orphaned alien kids that lost their parents due to sickness or the random gang wars that ravage the planet after Arias departure.
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The Longterm Poster

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PostSubject: Re: Mass Effect: Revival   25/03/17, 04:08 am

Name, Race,Gender:
Corvinus Nigrius, Turian, Male

Corvinus has the fortune, or the misfortune of being a Turian biotic. As such he eventually went through the military, which was mandatory, but as a biotic, he went through Cabal training. But he washed out before the "Graduation". Not that he couldn't have gone all the way, he lost his motivation for military life. Eventually he joined C-SEC, and in turn, tired of the slowness of bureaucracy, became a private investigator. Having a military background, he's proficient in all manners of fire-arms. He has access to the people in military surveillance, C-SEC and related security information. His training provides him with intimate knowledge of technical, biotic, and combat skills. As an investigator his skills in the technical field are used more often. Biotics, more than a weapon, are better at intimidating people for information.

Job: Investigator
Weapons: M-77 Paladin, M-7 Lancer
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The Longterm Poster

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PostSubject: Re: Mass Effect: Revival   09/04/17, 12:56 pm

Name: Juliet Jackson
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Backstory: Juliet grew up on Earth, born in the slums of Rio and was raised solely by her father. After his death, she turned to stealing in an attempt to scrape by. As soon as she was 18, she enlisted in the Alliance Marines. Eventually, she reached the rank of Lieutenant, and after saving the lives of her platoon, she was invited to join the ICT. She passed every test, and received the N7 designation; however, she almost immediately defected to Cerberus with several of her teammates. For a while, she stayed off of the radar, until after the outbreak of the Reaper War, where she defected back to the Alliance under a false identity. As soon as the war was over, she deserted the Alliance and disappeared into the Terminus system.

Class: Fury Adept
skills or talents:
Annihilation Field, Throw, Dark Channel

Weapons: N7 Hurricane


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The Wizards

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PostSubject: Re: Mass Effect: Revival   19/11/18, 02:24 am

Name: Gideon Eckhard
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Backstory: Gideon was born on the Citadel and was raised by his mother and father. His family was considered lower than dirt as far as the hierarchy went. His father worked in the nightclub Chora's Den as a bartender while his mother stayed at home. Their gambling addictions being the vice that refused to let them go. A string of bad luck for the both of them led to them seeking loans as a temporary means of having enough cash flow to pay the bills. This, of course, would turn tragic as they could not pay up when the loan shark began gnashing his sharp teeth at his father one day after following him home from work. By this point, Gideon was a young lad of ten years and, to the shark, ready for work. In exchange for more time to pay, Gideon's father handed him to the shark. Gideon, for a long while, found himself in the dangerous unpaid work of a Drell by the name of Thes Miak. Gideon was confused at this. He was combative. He, naturally, didn't want to leave his parents. As he looked for his mother, tears in his eyes, he shouted for her. She never came to his aid as the Drell and his friends took him away.

"Your parents were not Whole. That is why they gave you to me." Thes would always say as a response to whenever Gideon would ask about them. "When will they be Whole?" Gideon would ask. "They may never be". After awhile, Gideon's questions stopped. He slowly grew to believe they stopped loving him. He believed they were never really his parents at all. A new chapter began in his life on that day. He learned the finer points of negotiation. How to fight if things took a turn for the worse. How the world he thought he knew was darker than he could have imagined.

Eight years passed. So many things had changed in this time, but one that persisted in Gideon's life was his employment to Thes. They had changed their waters from the Citadel to Omega. This change led to numerous eyes on them as the new blood to test out. As they were going about their business, they had gotten themselves into a number of firefights with other sharks claiming the territory as their own. Thes, Gideon and a fair few others fought well and managed to carve out their own spot. It wasn't long, however, that Thes would lay on his deathbed due to Kepral's Syndrome. The crew prayed to Kalahira and Thes passed on. Without a leader, the crew disbanded.

Gideon found work as a mercenary on Omega wherever he was hired. This lasts to this very day.

Job: Mercenary
Weapons: M-12 Locust, M-97 Viper

The man on the moon rules the infinite time.
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PostSubject: Re: Mass Effect: Revival   

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Mass Effect: Revival
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