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 Fallout RP Chapter 1

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout RP Chapter 1   18/03/13, 01:45 am

Sitting here, doing nothing at all... killed my adrenaline. Which made me realize just how much I fucking hurt.
Frankly, that made me have to sit down. My, well, everything hurt. Mostly my torso and neck area. Probably because of the shotgun blast...

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout RP Chapter 1   18/03/13, 03:35 am

Wulf Squadron
The firefight didn't last long. A few rounds were fired by the tribal raiders, and while it just barely dented the thick power armoured soldiers, it at least showed they weren't too poorly equipped. The laser and plasma fire pretty quickly cleaned up the enemies defences, and the strong soldiers quickly took point around the base of the tower, noting down the many corpses of guards and raiders alike.

"What the Hell happened here?" Artem spoke loudly, pushing the bodies aside, separating raiders from guards, and took a bit of ammo from his defeated enemies, as the soldiers around him did the same.

Most of them had seen combat like this on more than many occasions. Mutants, Talon, Raiders, Enclave, they'd all packed punches over their time and hit the Brotherhood hard enough more than once. This wasn't anything too different, a ton of wannabe raiders or mercenaries that had gotten a lucky break.
There had to be survivors of an attack like this, Burke and Tenpenny weren't stupid enough to not have a contingency for attack.

"Paladins, form up. There's noise."
The Sentinel stood in the gateway, her gun aimed down at the doorway, as the Paladins took rank around her, all aiming and readied. One pull of the trigger and whoever came out would be met by an absolute hail of laser and plasma.
The mere thought made most people quiver in their armour. Whoever it was that was foolish enough to attack Tenpenny Tower would feel worse, once they say the ashen piles of their soldiers.

Little did the Brotherhood soldiers know that at this very moment, a basement door had been burst open in the tower.
And Ghouls were flooding in.

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout RP Chapter 1   24/03/13, 11:59 pm


I hear the distant sound ghouls and so do the other men in the lobby.


The heavy doors close behind with a boom. I walk out a hundred paces with my hands up then turn and look back ay the BoS snipers trained on me. I wait a few seconds and they lower their rifles. I sigh and continue on walking, reaching a bag filled with my stuff.

"Well at least they didn't shoot me.."


I shoot awake in darkness and start to panic until I notice the lamp. I rub my head and groan.

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout RP Chapter 1   

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Fallout RP Chapter 1
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