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 Spartan IV Bartley 047

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PostSubject: Spartan IV Bartley 047    18/11/12, 10:27 pm

Name: Bartely 047

Age: 28

Race: Caucasian (Origins Ireland)

Skills: Engineer, mechanic, piloting, getting drunk.

Role: Pilots and commands UNSC Mammoth '10 Tons of Ass Kicking'


Theme Song: Drunken Sailor

Insignia: Picture painted on the side of Mammoth

Current location: UNSC Blessing of Ares with '10 Tons of Ass Kicking'

Status: Waiting to row out and escort Spartan IV teams.

Bio: Bartalomew Collins was born and raised in a Small town in Ireland on Earth. Being a bastard he didn't have a father to guide him into being a man, so he always followed his mother and grew up a pansy. He was going to go in as Minster in the Church and help children in Africa, until he got drafted into the Marines when the Covenant attacked Earth. Things really changed Bartalomew, within two weeks he went from being a gentle carting man to one of the biggest hardcore Jackasses the UNSC had. After the war the UNSC were thinking about having him court marshaled due to him fighting his other soldiers and spending to much time in brothels and getting drunk. But ONI came in and took him off their hands and through him in the spartan IV program. They quickly noticed his ability with repairing and driving vehicles, they also noticed how horrible he did with other Spartans, so the put him in charge of a commanding and piloting a Mammoth (which he named '10 Tons of Ass Kicking')

10 Tons of Ass Kicking: Has a personal of 5 mechanics/pilots and 10 marines.

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Spartan IV Bartley 047
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