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 Geoff Vundar; ODST

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Not cool enough for a real rank

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PostSubject: Geoff Vundar; ODST   20/05/13, 12:53 am

Name: Geoff Vundar. Nickname: ' Jumper '


Race: Caucasian,

Skills: He excels at Hand to hand, and close quarter combat, He is profoundly good with most Human-based Weapons, but Is Unable to use Covenant Based. [ Personal Preference.] and has a very short Temper.

Role: Close Combat Specialist./Rifleman,

Screenshot: Helmet-less:


Theme song: I am the Game - Motorhead.

Current Location: Earth,

Status: Active,

Biography: I will be playing the role of the Interviewer,

I tapped my foot against the ground nervously as I awaited the next man to enter the room, ' Everyone of them, scarred, either physically or mentally ' then the Door opened, A Man with a Scar going through his left eye, rendering it useless, he sat down in the chair in front of me, I set my recorder down, " Please State your name." The man Nodded. " Sergeant Geoff Vundar " I nodded " Place of Birth. " Geoff Nodded, " New York city, New York. " I nodded and took a sip of my water. " Your Specialties in combat. " Geoff nodded again, " Close Quarter Specialist, or Rifleman. " ' He is the most Normal of the recruits I have Talked to.' " Reason you enlisted for this?" Geoff Grinned. " Well, My Ex-wife told me to go to Hell, so I thought, what better way then to Honor her wish then this? " we Both Laughed. " Any final thoughts?" Geoff shook his head, and stood and left the room, I checked his name, he was the last, and most promising of them all,

Equipment: He will usually be seen with a Shotgun, with either a SMG or Pistol at his side. He will also occasionally bring a Stun Baton,

Personality: He is a bit of a Joker, and he enjoys a good Sparring/battle. and is a ' glass is half full' type of Guy.

Other Squad Mates: ' Cerberus ' ' Ghost. ' ' Rook'

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Not cool enough for a real rank

Posts : 5
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PostSubject: Re: Geoff Vundar; ODST   21/05/13, 02:43 am

Name: Alan Cerna ' Cerberus '

Skills: He Excels with Heavy Weaponry and explosives, but is inadequate when it comes to Hand to Hand and ' silent ' Ops. He is also Very Thick headed, and will occasionally ' Jump the Gun ' [ By that I mean, he Rushes in without a Plan

Roles: Auto-Rifleman, Grenadier,

Images/Appearance. Face:


Themesong: Peace Sells. but who's Buying? - Mega-death /Or Sabotage, - Beasty Boys

Location: Earth

Status: Active

Biography: This will be a Report,

' Infamy within the Covenant Ranks '
The Notorious Squad, known as ' Devils' by Grunts, but Just ' Whiskey Squad ' Has yet again, put fear in the Covenant ranks, just a week ago, they took down a Covenant Regiment held up in A Old UNSC Fortress, The Rookie of the team, Alan Cerna, from Bismarck ND, had a ingenious plan when it came to how to get them out, " It was Simple, Really, I just rigged up A Old Mongoose with Explosives, and Drove it at the main gate," the Mongoose, left a Gaping Hole, which allowed the squad to move in, and clear out the base,
2 months Later Alan Cerna was Promoted to ' Beta Squad.' as a ODST, a week later, the ' Whiskey squad' was Declared MIA.

Equipment: Will be seen with a SAW, On Occasion with a Rocket Launcher as well.

Personality: He usually will be picking fights. [ mostly because he wins] Is very Cocky, and could be described as ' Blood-Thirsty'
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Geoff Vundar; ODST
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